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High System CPU



My customer has Windows servers that constantly report high system CPU. Investigating I could not get to any conclusion. I can see through the log below that system CPU is constantly high and above the instrumented processes.

Customer is asking me how AppMon differentiates System, User and Monitored process. As far as I know it is based on the users executing the application process. Am I correct? All app w3wp.exe process are run using an applicatpoin specific user (not system).

Further more I can see a lot of Page Faults on these server, could this generate any impact on the CPU?

My main concern here is that customer is willing me to change the default threshold for this metrci, but I believe that by doing so we are only hiding the problem.

Can someone elighten me on this?



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

My take on this with not a lot of information...

You have 162 monitored processes on this single host. The total CPU usage is higher then the monitored processes being your symptom. The host is going to have to manage having so many processes running on it for this app which will have some degree of cpu overhead cost so it's understandable that your total cpu usage is going to be higher by a degree then your monitored applications

Will reducing the threshold hurt of harm anything will depend on if this application is currently operating with no issues. If it's 100% fine, but cpu is high there may not be anything wrong with moving the threshold. If there could be an issue where the application is eating up cpu on one of those 162 processes then maybe fixing the issue also makes it go away.

Regarding page faults... they are occurring in what i would consider off hours so it could be any number of things happening on the host at that time (backups, batch, etc).