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Host Agent Alerting: "Select a System Profile for this Action Plugin"



We are working to place host agents on more of our environment. For this process, we have certain alerting actions that we would like to take. The issue I am having is anytime I try to add an alert action using the generic execution plugin, extended mail action plugin, or windows event log action plugin, the Rule Action Editor tells me that I need to "select a system profile for this action plugin".

These host agents are part of the infrastructure system profile. If I try to designate "Infrastructure" for the "filter hosts by system profile", I get the same error from the Rule Action Editor.

Am I not able to use those plugins with host agent alerting/only able to use the Email Notification Plugin? Is there a list somewhere of what plugins I am able to use or how to solve this issue?

Thank you,



Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper


you are right. You cannot select the Infrastructure profile in the dropdown, but you have to know that the selected system profile is just a dummy string for the plugin.

In other words: We don't use the selected system profile for any filtering server side. We just take the system profile name and send it over to the plugin. As long as plugin doesn't use the system profile you can theoretically select any system profile as a workaround and the plugin will work anyway.

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Hi Christoph,

It seems that the plugins I am trying to use require usage of a system profile. From your response and additional research I have done, the Infrastructure Profile is more a of group instead of a system profile, so we will have to use the email action plugin. We are working on that solution now.

Thank you,