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Host Agent keep on restarting itself

Host Agent installed in Windows Server, the startup type of the agent service is automatic. However, it keep restarting itself.

As of right now, the agent is disconnected and thus, I can't view the agent log file using AppMon Client. I would have to physically go to the client site later then only I can have a look at it.

Meanwhile, anyone has any idea why the agent behave this like?


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

That is strange behavior. The agent log file is definitely what you need. I would expect that you will find some type of resource or privilege limitation. Or possibly some watchdog type process is killing the host agent.

Finally the customer has sent me the log files in the log directory.

I've look at the log files, there is nothing unusual in the log files. There is no any mention or note of 'disgraceful restart' due to some problem (like resource contention/ conflict config settings etc), in fact, I can't even see the word 'problem', 'warning', 'severe', 'error' or any of the kind in the log files.

It's just like any ordinary log files you'll see if you gracefully shutdown/restart the agent service.