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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Hostgroup Threshold Value



I want to create a Hostgroup for one our dynatrace server server. There are almost 20+ application server which i need to monitor the threshold of CPU, Memory and Disk. Now i want to have Value which i can put in Threshold. As all application servers have different configurations so how will i take a Avg threshold of CPU/Memory/Disk?

I am not able to get the Formula to calculate it. Can any one help.


DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

Hello Taneshaa,

Below is the documented information about 'Compare measures between operating systems'.

Measures are relatively comparable between different operating systems, with the following limitations:

  • Windows does not deliver a CPU load like *NIX systems. CPU load is omitted in health calculations on Windows hosts.
  • Only hard page faults are considered as page faults. Windows systems have hard page faults even with free memory.
  • Page faults on AIX versions earlier than 5.2 report soft and hard page faults.
  • Disk space available is determined from the point of view of the Agent. If the Agent has restrictions such as disk space quota, only the disk space available to the Agent is reported as free space.
  • Page faults require disk access, which includes access to memory mapped files. Applications such as backup software use memory mapped files a lot and might cause temporarily high page fault rates.

In your described scenario we will have to plot a chart over the time for all the applications CPU and Memory and get the average value before deciding the threshold.

Disk threshold could be a tricky because there will be a multiple disks on each hosts, so we will need to decide and pick up the same disk/file system from each host to get the threshold but even though I am afraid that how it will be set.




Thanks Babar..

We already tried through charting but point here what the avg value we get in is for all the app servers and we need to come to point to get one avg threshold value and how do we calculate it, need to know the formula.