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How appmon calculates 90th pct when BT hit for a single time only


Hello All,

I am trying to pull reports of user action response time avg,90th pct, max and so.

I suspect that 95th percentile value is not accurate.

For example the below BT occured only once in the selected time frame.

So avg,95th, max all the value should be same .

I can see the same values when I plot in charts. But in Business Transaction Hotspot dashboard,

it shows the value as 474.05 ms for 90th pct . I have no clue how it comes because BT occurred once and the value is 777.00 ms.

Can anyone explain what goes wrong here.

In Chart 90th pct value is 777.00 ms which is correct

Thanks & regards

Karthikayini M



Hello Karthikayini,

Use time frames of >= 1h with percentile aggregations, because AppMon calculates percentiles per hour (resolution of 1 hour). Chart time frame is one hour, regardless of configured time frame (based on one-hour percentile aggregation).

Have a look on the below link for more insight.



Hi @Babar Q.

Thank you for the reply.

Actually the time frame selected is 48 hours . That time also I saw some new value for the 95th pct.

My actual problem is, I have set of BT defined. I created dashboard as below.Dashboard->New->Use for monitoring ->select dashlet type->Business transactions hotspots ->Add BTWhen I try to analyse location wise, two different locations exactly have same values for 95th. Definitely something wrong happening in terms of 95ht pct calculation .Other avg,max are good.

So when I analyse 95th pct alone I observe,even for single hit happened in 48 hours time frame ,gives 95th pct value.


Karthikayini M

Hello @Karthikayini M.

Count will always remain one but the Sum should give you a real picture e.g. in the below screenshot you can see that User Action Count (avg) is 1 and also the User Action Count (90th pct) is also 1 but the User Action Count (sum) is a huge number.

So in the same manner you can find the different number for the avg and 90th pct.

Screenshot is taken for the last one hour.



Hi @babar q,

Thanks for your reply.

I am not able to add the column user action count ,sum as shown in your screenshot.

more option also does not have that one.Tried all options.Please help me if you have idea on this.

But I am able to get sum count details when I plot the same BT in charts.

Here also sum and count both are one.

In the above dashlet also I am able to get user act

It is going bit confusing for me right now .Because same BTs in different dashlets giving different values.

(BTS in chart and BTS in BT HOTSPOT DASHLET)


Karthikayini M