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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

How can Appmon monitor properly Sub-action?


could someone help me with question

how properly I must create Business transactions for monitor sub-action

I ran into the problem that AppMon does not recognize any Sub-actions as filters for BT


I have task to monitor redirect to another page after user click on some button in web-portal

After user click on button (mobileConfirmCode) we see Loadin_page user action (second user action)

For this user action I can see Target Page

Knowing the value of the Target Page, I can determine whether the redirect was where it was executed

I need to calculate the number of redirects for each possible type

I create Bussines Transaction for User-action Purepath

as a filter tried to used the metric - Page Action Name or User Action Count

But appmon do not collect PurePath accorging my settings

Whether it is possible to realize the given task or AppMon is not able it ?

Or better I need create support ticket



It might be that you're using the wrong measures.

I'd try a measure like one of these.

Then you can set it using something like this. This should be an adequate filter. The OOTB count measure should give you what you're looking for.

Hello Chase

1. I used metric Count (User Action). But problems that my action is not first action during User Action PurePath and AppMon do not search it in business transaction

2. Web-reques not contain information about redirect.

3. Filters that you advise me to provide information about contain reg_static in URI. All my page contain it. It will be not work for my task. I mast look part of Anchor