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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

How can I break out contributing web request response time from main PurePath to track response time for web services


I'm sure this is a newbie question and hoping someone can give me some quick advice while I try to figure it out on my own as well.

Background: I have what I consider to be a group of web services. They are rest services called by many applications within our organization. However, they are considered Web Requests in Dynatrace because we don't really use a true webservice framework. The java agent is configured on the JVM that hosts the services and we have java agents configured on many of the consuming JVMs (but not all yet). For illustrative purposes - I'll call the services -,, etc. and the consuming app etc

Another observation: If I use the "Web Requests" dashlet I can see the response time of the service URIs (/restApp/service1 /restApp/service2) being called by applications that do NOT have java agents configured because the entry point/start of the PurePath begins at the WebService. However, for applications that are instrumented (meaning the webrequest/service call is buried within the PurePath), the only way I can see response times is to right-click, and choose Show --> All. At this point I see the URIs as well as (,

The goal: create a business transaction that monitors the response time for the web services split by URI/webservice name. I'd prefer to use one business transaction splittings rather than create a measure for each individual.

Here's what I did (which I expected would be wrong, but tried it anyway): I created a web request count measure for URI: /restApp/ with a threshold of 1. Created a business transaction, using my webrequest count measure as a filter and using Complete URI as a splitting. The result, is basically what I expected. . . which is similar to the WebRequest dashlet. Instead of splitting (and calculating) just the service (ex restApp/service1 restApp/service2), it is splitting by the originating/consuming WebRequest (ex. . /app1/url /app2/url). I understand why this is happening (I have asked it to use any complete PurePath that makes this call). I just cant' quite figure out how to break out the response time of the individual/contributing request from the originating big request.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. 🙂 Thanks!!!