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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

How can I create my own Functional Health Chart?

I really like the bar chart on the Functional Health dashboard that shows the percentage of healthy transactions & percentage of failures, along with the line that shows the number of transactions. What I would like to do is create one dashboard that shows one of those charts for each system profile that I have.

I can create a chart, add the "failed transactions percentage" under Functional Health -> Error detection section. This will show me the 1% value, (or whatever the value is at that time) but how do I get it to stack on top of the healthy transaction percentage like in the canned dashboard? I don't see any "successful transaction percentage" measure anywhere that I could stack with the failed measure.

I'm attaching a picture of what I want to duplicate.





Unfortunately, your observations are exactly correct. You can make a chart with the failure rate, but you can't duplicate the "stacked percentage" bar chart because you don't have a success rate.

-- Graeme

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi George,

My initial thought was to use count measures but the issue there is it wouldn't be a true percentage as I believe the failed count is contained in the total count of transactions. This would give you a close estimation but would not be the actual percentage.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

I reckon it should be possible to create such a chart by crafting two Business Transactions for it.

1/ Create a BT that filters on all errors, logs, exceptions, etc. that would mark a transaction as failed with Upper Severe set to "1" for those measures. Keep default calculation of Count enabled.

2/ Create a BT that filters on the same measures as above but with Lower Severe set to "0". Keep default calculation of Count enabled.

3/ Put the count values of both BTs in a Dual Axis Chart (on the same axis) and change the chart type of that axis to "Stacked Percentage Bar Chart".

4/ Add the total count of transactions (from a suitable measure) to the other axis and change the chart type of that axis to "Line".

I'll give this a try. I've never created any Business Transactions before.

Have a look at these resources:

How to Use Business Transactions since dynaTrace 4.2

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On the right side of the pages, you can find links to webinar videos about Business Transactions.

What is the measure being used for "Transactions per Hour"?