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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

How can I get the raw data in Business transaction feed?


Hello Siva,

Can you provide us some extra info about your use case?

If you search for a layer to capture BTFeed data you already can find info in below thread:


You need a layer between AppMon and the data store of your choice.

(above link is related to the Dynatrace-real-Time listener)

Purelytics (focus on UEM data)


I have to capture all data relating to a transaction and put in into ELK stack

Hello Siva,

There are two options if you want to stream AppMon data to an external system. (elastic in your case).

Option1: BTFeed

Can stream whatever data you want.

Option2: Purelytics

Focus on UEM related data,


You said 'all data', is it possible to describe which kind of data you would like to export? Can you add a few examples? It is important and will influence the choice between above options. If we can opt for option2 then you will have an out of the box solution because purelytics streams directly data to elastic search. For option one you need a layer between AppMon and elastic.


I would like export data related to a particulatr transaction including parameters like url,cookies,requestTime,responseTime,Headers,payload etc.,

Hello Siva,

Ok, thx for the info, as a first answer in order to provide you with a solution. It is not an out of the box solution, this means is will take some time and knowledge. And you will need to setup an apache web server.

Remark to all: If there are alternatives please let us know.


Create the necessary measures. Some measures exists out of the box, for example 'response time, count, ...' . Other ones can be created, for example with the web request header value measure (ex. Header field SOAPAction) we can capture the web request url. Finally. If needed you can even create custom sensors+measures and capture wathever data you want.

More info to help you out with this


Be careful with what kind of data you trace. For example, a custom sensor that traces a large amount of data can bring the dynatrace server health at risk! So know what your are doing.


Create a business transaction

Add the BT calculate measures, ex. response time, count, ... Add the BT split measures, ex. 'url, cookie, headers / (custom)measures'. Switch of store results in the performance warehouse. Switch on export results via http.

More info to help you out with this


Setup an apache web server with the BTFeed listener.

I will release this listener within two weeks on the Dynatrace github ( It is developed in java and is based on the 'Dynatrace-real-Time listener' from Andreas Grabner. ( The BTFeed listener will save the calculate - and split measures into a elastic as documents. Don't forget to configure the realtime streaming business transactions feed into AppMon. The proper documentation will also provided on github.

4) Setup kibana op top of elastic.