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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

How can I make an incident rule that measure the number of web requests (count) not time?


I need an alert that notify me when the number of requests of any server this for below of average.


Hello Isaac,

You can for example create a business transaction with a certain filter and appropriate calculate measrues (count) to caputre your web requests. Then use this BT to create an incident.

Below performance clinics can help you to achieve this:

Business transactions

Measures measures measures

SLA monitoring

Hope this helps,


Hi Steven,

Thanks for your answer, I'll check.



Hey Isaac,

You will need to use the create a "Web Request Count" measure and enter the URI that you will want to count the number of web requests. If you want to alert when the number of requests is below a certain number, enter the threshold in the lower severe or lower warning text field.

If you want this measure to be calculated on just one agent group, then in the details tab of the measure select "calculate for selected agent groups" and check the particular agent group/groups you want this to be calculated for.

Edit the system profile and go to the incidents menu. Create a new incident and add this measure. Specify on what threshold you want to be alerted on and set the aggregation (In this case average). Specify the evaluation time-frame. Create and apply the settings of the system profile.

Hope This Helps



Hi Ugochukwu N,

Thanks for your answer, it was a great help.