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How can I monitor the CPU of a group of hosts?


I currently have 2 groups of hosts: group # 1 are the APP hosts and group # 2 are the WEB hosts.

Group # 1 has a behavior between 30 and 40% of CPU in use, while group # 2 has between 10 and 20% of use.

I'm trying to create an alert that tells me if any of the group's hosts have exceeded the set metrics, however I can not make this configuration.

My first solution was:Setting--Dynatrace Server--Infrastructure:Create me hostgroups and set thersholds en 40% and 10%:

This works, but after 15 minutes of presenting the incident send the email. I need send the email with 2 minute of event.

Me configuration of alert:

My second way was:System Profile (double Click)--Incident--Create Incident Rule:

This work, but send email for 2 groups of hosts.

Someone can help me to configure the alarms (alerts, incidents, notifications, etc) so that they arrive to me when a group of host are above a value or to configure when a host is above a value.Sorry my bad english.Server version:
Client Version:


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion


Perhaps you want to create your own Incident rather than using the default settings. This would allow you to set the "Evaluation Timeframe" to very small value, such as 10seconds, or 1 minute.

The Conditions of this custom Incident Rule would be the "CPU Total Time" measure from each host.

Be sure to set Upper Severe threshold for your CPU Total Time measure to define what percentage of CPU should trigger this incident.

Think about whether you want to trigger on the Average or MAX value of this measure. This is set in the Aggregation column of the Incident Conditions.

You might want to setup two different custom "Incident Rules", one for each host group.