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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

How can I use dtcmd command to store purepaths in AppMon


I need a way to save purepaths for later drill down into hotspots analysis. I tried using dtcmd command for this. I ran 2 versions of this command but both created identical folders with about 50 files and none of them can be opened by Dynatrace Client because the files are *.dtsa, *.dtsf and *.xml.

dtcmd -profile <profile_name> -startsession -lock -user <UN> -pass <PW>

dtcmd -profile BAPI_TD_Stage -dump

How can I proceed to save purepaths on disk and load them up on Client UI ?


DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

You can do that directly from the client UI, no need to use the dtcmd. It is available from many locations. e.g. the PurePath Dashlet: Select the PurePath you want to export, then right click on them and choose Export.

You will get a .dtsf file which you can import into the client with a double click.

Here is the documentation for import export.

You can do this from many other dashlets like webrequest, database,...

Or directly via a right click on a system profile -> Session Storage -> Export, and then select a time frame for which you want to export all PP.

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Thanks Patrick, I needed an automated way to store purepaths and the command worked for me.

If you want an automated way you could also try the export via an Task either with a schedule or Triggered by an incident.

But if the dtcmd worked for you, then great 🙂

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