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How can we set up alert for services/process running on windows/LINUX in dynatrace?


Hi we are using dynatarce 6.5.

In infrastructure tab we have already created process for host service which is visible in host monitor but we need to setup incident for that if measure is 0 or below 0 incident or alert should be generated.


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Can you explain what you mean by creating a process for this host service? It sounds like you're saying you added the process pattern to the availability tab for a host monitoring agent and now you can see it on that host overview dashboard in the processes section.

If this is the case there already is a pre-defined incident for this which is named "Process Availability Violation" Description: "The process availability of the host is violated because the host agent didn't find a process for each pattern."

It doesn't look like you'll see this incident if you look in the system profile incident configuration, but if you look at an Incidents dashlet you'll see it listed and it will fire in any relevant system profile. If you need to configure alerts for it I believe you'll need to do this in the Infrastructure alert settings at the server level.


Thanks James