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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

How can we split applications sharing same infrastructure and having reverse proxies to different profiles in AppMon?

Hello All,

We have many applications sitting on same system profile as they are sharing the same infrastructure and there is a reverse proxy which talks on behalf of applications. All the applications talks to each other and are sharing same infrastructure(in short). The transaction flow for this system profile in AppMon looks messy. Is there an option to split the applications into different profiles? Can we capture the data and communication between different applications if they are split? If this is not possible in AppMon , is it possible in one agent?





In AppMon you might consider to apply a filter if you are using this as a dashlet on a dashboard. Setting appropriately via a BT perhaps to alter the view.

As far as the landing screen goes, this is still an accurate representation of your architecture by the sounds of it. IMO there is a value in it being displayed in such a way anyway, since this is in the architecture and if it suffers some performance problems I am certain you would wish to have that show up.