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How can we sync Conf folder with HA setup

How can we sync the Conf folder to have the updated dashboards, Business transaction, System profiles in HA Setup.

We can create HA setup for dynatrace AppMon with the following procedures:

I used two (2) Linux servers with Dynatrace 6.1 installed on each server.

Each Dynatrace server was started and an active license applied to each server. Since the license is tied to the machine/host, I needed one for each Dynatrace server setup.

A shared mount was created using SAN storage, this will allows us to share the data between the two servers. I used the mount point /data/dynatrace but this can really be anything as long as it is shared between the two servers.

I also used a single postgreSQL database. We will discuss DB considerations as we delve into the solution more.

This configuration will use a hot (active) and cold (passive) server, which would be the most applicable setup.

a VIP (virtual IP) or DNS entry that would allow to divert the incoming traffic from the Active server to the Passive failover server.

After I have the servers initially configured, the Passive failover server will be stopped. We cannot have two dynaTrace servers running at the same time, connected to the same data resources.

If the Server fails due to a hardware or software failure, the Collectors buffer data for a period of time, ranging from 30 seconds to a couple of minutes depending on load and Collector heap configuration. As a result, no PurePaths or measurements are lost if the Server is started again within this period.



Hello Sachin,

There is an attached file for the HA solution and especially the available scripts which will create symlinks for all
the files and folders needed on both the Active and Passive server.