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How do I create a dynamic measure matrix for monitors?


I am currently trying to create a Dynamic Measure Matrix that will show all of my URL and Soap Monitor measures with a quick view visualization that will show the threshold violations. Currently I am only able to get the matrix to keep adding the measures horizontally across the matrix like this:

Where I want it to look like this:

Is there anyway to do this? Or is there another type of chart that I can use to easily create this type of view? We have a large number of monitors that we want to see in this format.

Thank you

Cathy Wentworth


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

I've looked at that in the past as well and could not find a good way to show monitors in a dynamic measure matrix. One thing you can play with to see if it helps is add these measures into a chart and then use the option in the upper right of the chart to only show it in a table view. Then you can select which columns are displayed and get a view somewhat similar to what you see with the matrix.



Thanks for the quick response James. I have looked at that and you do 'sort of' get that view. The thing I don't like is that each monitor is under it's own HttpsStatusCode group so you have to expand each one to see the monitor name. It might be all that's available though.

Yep, 'expand all' or right click on table -> structure mode -> flat might make it a bit easier as well.