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How do I get past No PurePath available for Visualization


I have a bunch of PurePaths. I want to see sequence diagrams for some of them. I added the sequence-diagram dashlet, and it shows in the UI. But when I click on it I get "No PurePath available for Visualization". The tutorial on the Documentation part of this site shows how to click into a sequence diagram, but doesn't step through the process of generating one. Online help is similarly unhelpful. Can someone please unblock me?



Turns out it has to be launched from Diagnose Performance.

Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Hi Jim

What you need to do is to open the PurePaths Dashlet and pick a PurePath that you want to analyze. From there Drill-Down to the Sequence Diagram. That should work.

I will also forward this to the Doc Team

Yes, got that working. Sadly, there is no way to modify the resulting diagram to elide unwanted info.

If you have specific enhancement requests feel free to post them in our Product Feedback and Enhancement Requests forum

Hi Jim,

I edited

Sequence Diagram

to account for the deficiency you pointed to and then some.

Hope you didn´t overlook bottom right + navigation control or the Toolbar on the top right (that is only visible when the mouse cursor is inside the diagram).

Please check it out and get back to me when the documentation is something lacking still.