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How do I get tagged web service requests when launched by LoadRunner?


Our load testing team is running load tests on web services and have added the dynatrace header to tag these requests.

We're facing a problem where the LoadRunner script is adding the dynatrace tags to the soap request, but the calls do not show up in tagged web requests.

The Vugen output shows that the x-Dynatrace headers are being sent as HTTP headers along with the SOAP request.

For web requests initiated from LoadRunner, the dynatrace tags are getting passed correctly and these show up in the Tagged web requests dashboard. This issue is only for web service requests initiated directly from Load Runner.

Has anyone faced a similar issue?

Any help would be really appreciated.
Thank you!


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Do you see these SOAP Requests being captured as PurePaths? If so - do these PurePaths also show up in the Web Request Dashlet when you drill from PurePath to Web Requests or do they only show up in the Web Service Dashlet?


When the webservice is invoked by a web application, the service URL shows up on the Web Requests dashlet, associated with the application that invoked the web service in the Application column.

But, when the same service is launched from Load Runner, I do not see the service URL in the Web Requests dashlet. I see the service class and method listed in the Remoting dashlet. On doing a drill down -> Web Requests, the dashlet does not show the URL used by Load Runner to launch the service.

Can you export one PurePath that is generated by your App and one PurePath generated by Load Runner for that same web service call? It sounds like your Load Runner script is not exactly doing the same as your app


Hi Ashok,

I am facing the same issue, Did you find a solution ?