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How do you increase the purepath node limit


We are getting the following error when trying to instrument long running tasks:

Unable to determine PurePath success because of the following reasons:

Path Truncated: Not the whole PurePath has been captured as the node limit is exceeded

But I can't find anywhere in the documentation that describes how to increase this limit.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Eric,

In order to increase maximum node per PurePath go to the DT Server and navigate to DT_HOME/server/conf/server.config.xml and edit this file. In this file you will see:

<purepath maxnodes="100000" />

You can change this value. Then you MUST restart the DT Server service for the changes to take effect.

I also must caution you on using this as this can potentially increase overhead on the DT Server.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions.



Will there be any impact on application, for increasing the node limit? @Harshal P.

Hello Reethika,

For sure there is a performance impact. The recommended nodes per PurePath in the production is not more than 200-300.




Purpath node limit is mention as 10000.Could someone please let me know if any issues wiill happen if we increase the limit to 100000

That could create a significant overhead to the AppMon server... The longer PurePath is, the more time it is spent in the queue buffer for processing, and depending on the number of long PurePaths the memory could easily spike up to 100%, thus leading to dropped PurePath and slowness accessing the server.


@Saritha A. you many see some long running calls or some slowness so if you have dynatrace dev ...I would recommend it to try there first and then move it to production.