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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

How do you proactively ensure all of your dashboards are functional?


Hi Everyone,

At my account, we have many dashboards (367 in Prod, 180 in Test) that are used across the business by different teams. Sometimes changes might be made in the systems we gather data from and the team managing Dynatrace could not have been looped in. As such, filters applied in dashboards, where we collect the data from, user has overridden original dashboard etc. could mean dashboards do not display the information they were designed to - essentially, ensuring all dashlets have measurements in them would be a criteria we measure that they are functional here.

Checking all of these dashboards manually would be a large effort. New people come and go, dashboards are changed across the board, and some people out there may just live with missing data in their dashlets.

If anyone out there has some advice on managing a large number of dashboards proactively to ensure they are functioning as expected, I would love to hear how you overcome this? (Something feasible for a large enterprise and without consuming an excessive time ideally 😄 )



Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Would be a great fit / addition for this user admin centre RFE. This RFE was actually inspired, as you know, by your customer.

It's feasible to write a plugin which scans the dashboards saved on the server then alert which ones have no data. Of course, this wouldn't take into consideration any dashboards saved "offline".

Thanks, Adam. I will comment on the RFE - would be a good fit there.