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How dynatrace classifies the Mobile App crashes?


Hi Team,

We are using AppMon for our Hybrid App to report the crashes by using Auto instrumentation. I would like to know what kind of Failures/Errors does dynatrace considers as a crash.

Since, the number of failures count is greater than the number of App crashes given amount of time and we know that all failures doesn't route App crash. So please let us know how does it classifies the app crashes?




Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Sreedhar,

An app crash stops the application. It is a unexpected unhandled exception that disrupts the application life cycle of a mobile device.

On top of this AppMon allows to report back 3 additional error types Mobile Error Code, Mobile Exception and Mobile WebRequest Error. please take a look at reportError API. In contrast to a crash those errors are exceptions that occur within the application but are handled in a well defined manner by the application code.

Cheers Klaus

Hi Klaus,

Thanks for you reply!

AppMon wont report the below exceptions as Crashes right, ideally they should be Managed exceptions?

Page Not Found”, “Product Not found
and any “WebView Page Errors

Where can we check in AppMon or in our Hybrid App that what kind of exceptions is considerd as Crashes?