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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

How many dynatrace clients can be connected to the AppMon server?


Hi all,

Your support to know if the number of clients affects the slowness of showing the refresh of the dashlets in the dashboards of the AppMon server.




Hi @Maria Elena C.

Yes the number of user connect to Appmon Server impact in the performance, specialty the user get a lot of data in large time frames;

I recommended a search a short time frames and low users;

I hope have helped


João Vilacia

Hi @João V.

Thanks for your recommendation, what is the limit of clients that connect to AppMon?


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

As João noted really it's not the number of clients that's connected that is important but rather what those clients are doing. You can have tons of clients passively connected to the server without issue as long as users are following best practices and not loading huge timeframes of raw data (e.g. PurePaths, raw web requests, etc...) and don't leave auto refresh on. It is this pulling PurePaths from the server that can put a lot of load on the server.

Even charts which load from the performance warehouse database do not put too much load on the server itself.

Depending on your server specs and the number of purepaths in a profile, even a single user requesting a month's worth of raw data repeatedly can impact a server significantly and I have seen this happen. In these cases you can often see the culprit within the analysis logs on the server.

Hi @James K.,

Thanks for your comments,
They help me share the best practices of users.
The log to see the fault within the analysis logs on the server is Analyzer.0.0.log?


Hello @Maria Elena C.

Encourage users to use the Web UI for the dashboards and analysis instead of the Rich Client.