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How much overhead does enabling options in Ajax Detection will cause on Appmon?


hi All,

We have enabled Basic XHR detection and jQuery under User Experience in Web Applications section. Would like to know how much impact it will have on Appmon and collectors by enabling these detections.






Hi Sree,

Thanks for the question. Enabling UEM will mean more data being sent to us in the dynaTraceMonitor signal, and a negligible or no amount in the client side. From what I have seen in the field, your configuration of enabled sensors there is common. (you might consider loading dtagent asynchronously for further optimisation in the client side)

With UEM the beacons are sent back to your beacon signal (same page as your screenshot, usually /dynaTraceMonitor). dynaTraceMonitor requests are then forwarded and handled by the agent with the UEM sensor, like web server agent or the java agent.

Also, the AppMon server will be working in the background to stitch the Visits to User Actions, and User Actions to PurePaths. This will mean some more utilisation in the Realtime Transaction Analyser, the correlation engine, and some more of your session storage. There is some information on server sizing here, you might want to take a look at since your sizing might be out of date if you never originally had UEM in scope when you deployed AppMon.

A thought, is to measure this you could apply UEM injection to a certain IP range and compare before and after for some more solid results. You might want to look at dynatrace synthetics for this and limit the UEM to our IP range, or of course you could compare with another tool like Google's PageSpeed Insights.

Hope that helps you out!

Thanks Gary!

We are already using UEM in a X-Large 96 Environment. But we ahve recetly enabled the Ajax and jQuery in XHR detection. After enabling these two we can see huge difference with increase in UEM - Number of processed actions from 25th,


Also we see an increase of nearly 30% in Collector Communication Traffic.

Does it has any impact in terms of Transactions/Sec ? Whihc can inturn affect Server health as it only supports 6500 Trans/Sec for v7.0



You are welcome, Sree.

Really, you must go by the sizing guide for AppMon in this case which is here: perhaps before (since you never had the library enabled in UEM) you were missing some user actions, and they are having to be processed somewhere. The increase in collector communication traffic for me is unsurprising when you have the increase in sessions (ultimately, there is a higher throughput).

While you could deploy more collectors, enable compression there, if the communication is a problem. Check out the deployment guide for some better tips

If your server health dashboard is showing some problems (accessible via start centre) then it might be time to look at the deployment size, or possible optimisations if sizing can't be done or done quickly.

  • Check server health, collector health, and see the health of the deployment
  • Check and see, what are the extra user action purepaths