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How "Filter" repetitive incidents?



How I can exclude incident If I Know how are the reason? I mean I have an incident "the hard disk health is not ok". This incident is repeat every day, but is not an real incident because every day I running a backup and then free the disk space.




Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

In the Incidents dashlet if you place your pointer in the top right you can click on a button to show downtimes. Right click on any incident(s) and you can select "create downtime" which will allow you to set recurring downtimes for any incidents.

Would that help?



Thanks James,

But how I can Specify the incident? I have 15 agents and the downtime is only in 1. If I have other incident in other agent in the "downtime" the dynatrace will report the incident?


The downtime will apply to all agents that are involved in the incident, so if you have once incident for disk utilization (which would apply to all agents) then each agent would be affected by the downtime. It's not possible to create a downtime like this for specific agents, is that the behaviour you're looking for?


Yes it's look this.

I would like to ignore this incident but not ignore other incidents like this in other agents. It's possible?

You can check out the extended email action plugin which lets you filter specific instances of alerts and actually set downtimes for only certain instances of the email. So perhaps you can use regex on the agent name to create an email specific to this agent and set such a downtime, then on the "main" email action include regex to filter out this agent. This would let you control that more - out of the box there is no way to set a downtime only for particular agents.