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How to Filter Visits Dashlet by Client Family Version


Is there a way to filter the Visits Dashlet by Client Family Version? For instance, I am able to use the custom query bar and the options allow me to filter ClientFamily="IE" but what I really want to see is only the IE versions in Compat Mode.

Is this possible ? It seems it should be since the splitting first splits on IE and then on the version. And the column for Client Family shows the entire name and version, but I cannot filter by this ??

Any help is appreciated.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

I think that it is not possible to filter for a browser version in the filterbar. You can however press ctrl+f and type in the exact browser version here and the list should filter out automatically.

You could also try to create a BT that matches your required browser version using the "Visits - Client Type" filter measure and then use a BT filter on the visits dashlet.

I hope that helps,