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How to Migrate Dashboards



we are migrating from SAAS to Onpremise and how can we migrate all the dashboards to the new server in one go.



Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

If you're doing a migration is it possible you can use the migration tool? This would pull all of your configs and settings over including dashboards. Apart from that the dashboards are just XML on the server and you can grab those and place them in the new server.

I've never done such a migration from SaaS so maybe check with support in case this is something they could help with.


Hi James,

Thanks for providing the information.

I have one more question regarding the session storage. How can we migrate session storage data from SAAS to On-premise?

Appreciate your help.



This would also likely be a question for support - they may have a process for this but I imagine it would require transferring all of the data back to you somehow if it is possible.

Hi James,

When we migrate from saas to on-premise,do we need to restart agents in-order to establish connection to new server(on-premise) or automatically agents will connect to new server.


I really have no experience doing such a migration but given that is such significant change I'd recommend having app/agent restarts be a part of the process to be safe and plan that way so it is not unexpected if it does become required.

Technically your agents are connecting to your collector and it is only your collector that will be pointing to the new local server, as far as the agents are concerned their endpoint does not change. If the migration was completed and transferred all of the files the new server should be identical to the old one from the collector's perspective. So after pointing the collector at the new server it might be the case that the agents will connect without issue though again I haven't done this so I can't say for sure.