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How to Use Generic Plugin to retrieve values from a file and create measures out of it.



I am trying to use GE plugin to read a file which will have a few columns and column names (first line) which am trying to get as a measure in DT.

the file may be like below with header and values in each row.

queue_depth, queue_time, message_age, queue_percent, queue_ip_procs and it will contain values for it in each line. Also my file can have more than 1000 entries.

I would like to return the queue_depth and all headres as a measure each time it runs and pick up the value for each. RIght now when I run I can get the output in detailed message however "returnedMeasures: null" is what I get.

Please help me figure out how to get these headers as measures when plugin is executed to store the values for it. Am using GE plugin version 5.5.36 (latest).

Kindly help if any of you have experience.



@Andreas G

dear Andi.. kindly help get an answer to this from author of this plugin.

Will be really greatful if you can help or get some answers.