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How to access Dynatrace Collector from Docker container


I used to setup a Dynatrace Agent, Collector and server. I deployed one apache-app in Docker. Everything was fine and I was able to monitor that container. Now I want to use this plugin: But here for I have to use the Collector on the host. So not in Docker. I've installed the Collector but I'm not able to connect to it from my agent in docker.

The docker container of the agent is in the dynatracedocker_appmon network (172.18.x.x with as gateway Now my Collector on the host (which I can see in the server) has IP Is it an issue that this is the gateway IP of the network? I'm not able to telnet from inside my agent container to 9998. I'm able to telnet outside the container. From inside the container I'm able to ping but I don't know if it's reaching the gateway or the collector. How can I solve this?


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Hi Lorenz

Sorry for the late reply on this - but - any chance you fixed this problem? seems like a network configuration issue in your enviornment - exposing your Collector port to your Docker Container!