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How to analyse URL high response time on web server?


Most of the our frustrated user visits are due to more time taking on Apache web server. Could some one guide the analysis process for this issue using dynatrace. It is a static content being retrieved from apache web server. I tried drill down purepaths, but it is showing just the request and nothing more. The most of time contribution is IO wait. What could be the best resolution to get out our user from frustration while loading the page.


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

I would capture Request and Response Size of these requests -> this is a checkbox you can enable in the Web Server Sensor Properties. You will then see how large these static requests actually are on the network.

If you just see high I/O it is most likely related that you either a) run low on network bandwidth in general on these network interfaces on your server or b) you are sending back large responses and your end user actually has a very slow network connection - which then just takes more I/O time on the web server to send back the content.

You could easily look at your PurePaths and check the Client IP Address -> this is an additional field on the Purepaths. you may see patterns that these slow requests all come in from certain IP Ranges that have low bandwidth. If you have UEM you could also turn on bandwidth detection where you immediately see if end users have a bad network connection


Thanks a ton Andi.. It helped me to solve my problem.


Very well said. That helps a ton.