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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

How to avoid appMon log level info when execute php class/function from command line?

Dynatrace Supporter
Dynatrace Supporter

Hi All,

We are having an issue when we type in "PHP" command in the console/command line on the servers, usually we execute php filename for some of the
functions to test internally inside the server as it doesn't allow public
access. So when we try to execute the command it shows some logs info related
to Dynatrace. Please refer screenshot.

Is there a way to avoid this log level info appear from console/command when PHP file executed?

This is current output when perform/give php command:

[dynatrace@VCAZTMWIFISTGAP002 conf]$ php test.php
2018-07-25 03:04:48.088 UTC [4825d7e9] info [native] Dynatrace Bootstrap Agent
2018-07-25 03:04:48.100 UTC [4825d7e9] info [native] Bootstrap Library: /opt/dynatrace/dynatrace-7.0/agent/downloads/one/agent/ (md5: 19464b8357d5fd346ab7bb368c9f9779)
2018-07-25 03:04:48.101 UTC [4825d7e9] info [native] Cannot get ProcessGroupIdResult from InProcStore.
2018-07-25 03:04:48.101 UTC [4825d7e9] info [native] hostId calculated based on hostname VCAZTMWIFISTGAP002
2018-07-25 03:04:48.107 UTC [4825d7e9] info [native] Bootstrapping via
2018-07-25 03:04:48.166 UTC [3d0018a9] info [native] Trying to flush async messages
2018-07-25 03:04:48.204 UTC [4825d7e9] info [native] ... last message repeated 1 time ...
2018-07-25 03:04:48.204 UTC [4825d7e9] info [native] Loading agent from '/opt/dynatrace/dynatrace-7.0/agent/downloads/one/agent/bin/'
{"code":200,"status":"Success","response":"Email Send Successfully"}

Thank you,

Domu Harahap