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How to build a dashboard of total transactions and failed count


Hi Team,

I want to build a dashboard with total transactions and also the failed count of transactions(i.e., >10sec) and also to store it in a .csv file for every hour automatically. How can I do this?



When I have added the BTs which are required for a dashboard and tried to generate report of that, it is not only giving the BT name and it's count. It is giving unnecessary data like each URL timestamp etc., How to exclude all these things in report generation.?

Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

To control what's included in the report, the displayed columns will be whatever the dashboard is saved as displaying. You can right click on the column names in the BT table to select which columns to display (selecting the 'more' option at the bottom of the list will let you uncheck as many as you want at once). Save that with only the name and count (or whatever else you would like) and any reports will only include those columns.

Additionally, you may have already found this but in the report window you can set a schedule to deliver the reports as an email to your inbox.


Thanks James...I have already used this options and generated report. PFA screenshot. In that orange colour ones are my BTs and their counts. I just need only that but the problem now is I don't know why all other things are coming(which are in red colour). How to exclude those things.

I don't see any screenshots attached.


sorry. please find it now. capture.png

Hm, I tried and am only getting the results. It looks like that is pulling from a different dashlet, is the Business Transaction dashlet the only thing you have on that dashboard? If you can provide a screenshot of the entire thing that would help.

Also note that it's possible there is a 'hidden' dashlet that isn't visible, if you toggle all of the headers "ctrl+shft+h" a few times you might find something.

s.csv capture.png

Hi James,

Please find attached full screenshot and also the report generated from that dashboard. There are no other dashboards opened at the time of fetching report. Also the unnecessary data is related to thid dashboard only.


Hello Praveena,

I am not sure that those can be removed in the current state of the Business Transaction. Those URLs and timestamps are the splits that are on the BTs that you are reporting on. If you want the total for them without the URLs then you will have to make a new BT without the splitting measures. If you hit the drop downs in the second image you shared with the measures listed, they should match the URLs that are displayed in your report.


David Nicholls