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How to build or customize a Web and Thick client Dashboard for Applications in Appmon?

Hi, I am trying to achieve the following in Appmon(In Web and Thick client as well). Please suggest on how to:

  1. Build a New Dashboard for Selected Applications only
  2. Show the 50th percentile/Median value of Each Application Server-side RT and Failure rate
  3. If the Server-Side response time is degrading, want to highlight the application in Dashboard in Red?

The Out of the Box Dashlet/Dashboard for Applications Dashboard giving similar to this, but for a purpose I have to build a new one or Customize the readily available one to show 1, 2, and 3.

Also, I am trying to understand the meaning of Application State that Web Dashboard for Applications. Could someone explain what is the State (Red, Green, and Gray) of Application?

Thanks, Suresh


Hi, Please suggest if this is doable in Appmon?