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How to capture a data from method in splitting?

Under a purepath tree there is a method which gets called multiple times with different data. number of method calls in a purepath tree is not fixed. it depends on the number of records that it has to process. if there are n number of records then n number of method calls will be there.

Here I am able to get number of method call using result measure but I am not able to capture return value of each method call in splitting.

I want to capture status from return value of the method.

Is it possible to capture data from each method call in splitting without using this method as a entry point?


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Have you configured the Return value measure for this value to add to the splitting.

Hi Kyle,

Thanks for the response.

Yes, I have configured return value measure in splitting but it did not captured values from all method invocations, it captured one value from one of the method invocation in splitting. As I said I want to capture return value from all method invocations. Is it possible?



When you say all method invocations, are you talking across your entire application or a subset of methods?

For the subset of methods, this sounds like you don't have your definitions correctly as this is just picking up returns for the explicit method value. I would look at expanding your scope with a regex or something to have a less explicit catch on those (in both sensor and measure definitions). In saying all that please note that this will create some overhead in the system that I would want to monitor in a test environment first (both regex tax on the App Mon server and higher overhead in your application).

For looking at all return values in the system, I guess you could do it (with full wild cards) but I would highly suggest against this as the amount of overhead may get really out of control looking at a more targeted apporach would be better.



Hi Kyle,

I got your point.

As you can see "getDomainObjectToXmlString()" method is called more than once under single purepath.
Here I want to capture data from return value of each method call of getDomainObjectToXmlString(). Please find attached sanp purepath-tree-snap.png

Is it possible??.



Ahhhhh I see what you are trying to get at now. I would check a few different things then. In you measure definition for BT splitting make sure that the checkbox for "Only analyze first method occurrence per PurePath is unchecked" and to be safe I would try and analyze the BT per Server-Side purepath if possible.