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How to capture customer Cookie


Hello, I try to capture cookie from customer browser.

UEM is activated, I configure properties of my servlet sensor to catch all datas.

It's quite efficient, because I capture all datas... excepted Cookie.
I can see all other parameters and there values in purePath tree details.

Could you guide me please, I am definitively blocked without idea to go further...

Many thanks for you help 🙂


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

I cannot see the whole screen shot, but Cookie is the key and it is a Request Header you need. So either a wildcard (not recommended long term, of course) or a specific rule for "Cookie" will pull the header, if it is present.


Hello Dave,

Thanks for your answer. I already tried to set Request Header with "Cookie" first, and with nothing to capture all information of Header.

I get all headers... Excepted Cookie. 😞

May be I don't look into the right panel ? Currently I look into purePath tree, in the first method using servlet API, in my context : doFilter(javax.servlet.ServletRequest, javax.servlet.ServletResponse, javax.servlet.FilterChain).

I have many headers values, but not Cookie...

Your help is appreciared. Thanks


Hi Vincent.

Try it in Details in the first WEB-Request method (see this example):

It should be something like this:

best regards.

Jose A


Thanks Jose,

I did it too. From this first method, I can only read referer and user-agent parameters.

It seems like I don't capture aanything.

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

If you attempted to capture it explicitly, and also with a wildcard, my only other suggestion is to be sure to page through the results if there are more than will fit on the first "page" of headers. If that is not the issue, could it be that the header is stripped by the load balancer? Is there a web server fronting the servlet tier?

Also, are you sure the web requests you are investigating come from browsers and not from HTTP client calls?

Hello Dave,

Good job !!! You get the truth.

In fact, my cookie doesn't reach application servers. A security server remove it.
So I need to find others settings to qualify my specific usage on browser.

Many thanks for this quite relevant suggestion.

Bye Vincent

Hi Vincent, Thanks, that is great news! Good luck with it!