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How to capture the user details who executed a servlet or webrequest in a java application hooked up with APPMON?



We are able to capture the username when the user logs in. We are able to capture purepath for a specific servlet or webrequest.

We are not able to find out which user executed the servlet or webrequest.

Appreciate your help.



The only idea I have is to create Business transaction that as a filter is using purepaths from particular servlet/webrequests and as a splitting username (if you don't have more than 50 000 users because this is limit of splittings for BT that is storing data into performance wherehouse). You can for example use as a filter only those purepaths that are longer than 30s or more, what can give you info that this particular transaction may be tough for application. Then splitting shouldn't be issue as well because there should not be too many transactions like this.