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How to change the default value in BT Configuration menu?


A lot of people are using BT measurements for analytic purposes only and very often they forget to untick "Store Results in Performance Warehouse" box which is leading to PWH explosion.

Question: is there any way to change this default setting?

PS: IMHO this option must be disabled by default: the majority of users usually start with playing around with filtering\splittings features to figure out how the concept works.

Therefore there is no need to store each and every BT in PWH by default as it's not safe and useless.

Looking forward to your response. Thanks!



No way to change the default. A good idea might be to save an inactive BT as a "template BT" which might serve as an example for Naming Convention and also leaves store results off, which you and your users can copy in order to have something streamlined.

Disagree about the typical use case, by the way. Typically when people are wondering why their dashboard is not working I check this setting first for their BTs. It's not so unsafe anymore either, as the default splitting aggregation as well as some backend safeguards pretty forcibly prevent "measure explosions" anymore