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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

How to check state/status of third party content?


Hi Team,

I am trying to see weather the 3rd part content is loaded or not.

As per the documentation, we have four state for the third party resource

  • Successful
  • Interrupted
  • Failed
  • Cached

Where we can see these states respective each third party content?

In Purepath, I can see only the resource name.

I am trying to generate a report of third party resources which contents are not loaded on my website.

Is there ant way, to do that?



Hi Nitin,

Report which you are looking for can be generated with the help of the Measure - Third Party Content Count

You can create a custom measure for all your third parties, say in my below example I have created a custom measure to know the status of the image from the Google and it's state to be reported.

1) Left Pane has the Measure mentioned

2) Name your Measure according to convention

3) Enter the Host, say if you want to monitor the, etc., we need to provide the domain names in the text box- I have used google and filter as contains.

4) If I need all the Resource type like Images, CSS, JS etc., I can use All or else specifically I have to mention

5) Next, select the Resource state - Failed, Sucessfull or if you need all the status types mention all.

After creating the above measure, use the same measure in the chart which will display you the results you are looking for.




Thanks Ravi for your response.

I have created the measure same way that you have mentioned, but I m unable to see any data.

I also check other questions that are posted on community forum related to same topic.

As per this(click here) post, we can see the status of third party resource in purepath, But in my purepath I didn't see any status(in question I have attached the screenshot).

Is there any configuration required for third party resoiurces?




Have you right clicked on the measure to see the details for more info.. ? can you paste me the screen shot of the measure configuration.



Hi Ravi,

Please find the attached screenshot.


Thanks for the snapshot, the measure created is for the count of the third party which is failed, so you can't get the status of the Measure under the chart.

You need to include the measure in a business transaction and name according to it. Once you are done with that, double click on the BT in the cock pit which will give you a dashboard and the details you are looking for.

Also I asked you to right click on details for your first snapshot.



Thanks Ravi,

I have created that measure to get the name of third party resource which are NOT loaded on website(hence I have selected the 'State' as 'Failed'.

Now I have updated that measure and changed the 'State' from 'Failed' to 'All'. Also added the measure in BT, I can see the different 3rd part resources name like Twitter, google etc but I didn't see the 'State' of that resource (where their contents are loaded or not).

Eventually, I want to see what are differnt third party sources which contents are not loaded.

Here screenshot of first snapshot(right click on details for your first snapshot)

Hi Nitin,

The only way which I'm aware after my analysis to know the third party resources success or not is through the measure which we have created above by mentioning Resource state as Failed. So that it will give you all the third party resources which are failed. Also, if you need specifically Resource type you can mention that images, css, etc.,

It will give you the results with the count once you add it to the BT as like above. Since, the measure itself states that it is for Third party count. Eventually you know the resources which are failed. Change the filter from All to Failed. .

The one which you are looking like resource state is possible from the User Action Purepath dashlet. If you click on any specific User action purepath, you will get the node results.

Once you right click on the third party resources you will get the details about the Resource state.