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How to check the remaining license agents?


Hi ,

I have posted similar topic previously but couldn't get the reply.

I have the following questions

1.How can we find how many licenses for webservers agents and java agents in total we have.

2.How many webserver and java agents are used from the total.

3.How do i identify a webserver agent or a java agent(simply by finding that the agent is injected in webserver,so it is a webserver agent and agent is injected in weblogic so it is a java agent)?

I have checked the license settings,agents overview and agents breakdown.But couldn't figure out.Can any one please help me in knowing the answers for the questions mentioned above?

Please find the below screenshots








Collectors settings



As per the signed dynaTrace agreement we have 27 active JVM agents what does that mean?


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

27 Java Agents mean that you can have up to 27 concurrent Java Applications monitored with dynatrace. The Agents Overview shows you which agents are currently connected. In the list of collectors you also see the same numbers split by collector. based on your 3.jpg it seems you have a total 17 Java Agents connected on your two collectors.


Hi Andreas,


If that is the case,i have 7 webserver agents connected.

But where do i find what are the total webserver agents that i have?


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Based on screenshot 2 you actually do not have web server agents included. It seems you only license Java Agents and you have a UEM Volume. UEM also works if you just have Java Agents as they also provide the UEM capability. Based on the license I DO NOT see that you also license web server agents which would give you additional visiblity into your Apache, IIS,  ...


You can always go to your collector, spin up a cli and see how many established connections you have over 9998. something like this [netstat -na | grep 9998 | grep -i -c stab]. Note that this would need to be done on each collector, then added up. Then you will know how many you are 'using' at any given moment.