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How to check when agent was offline


Hi Team,

How to check the timing when the agent went to offline status.





Hello Praveena,

The main source is 'Incidents Dashboard' ans secondly you can check the state of 'Process' from the topology view.



Thanks Babar. For java agents I am able to see from when it is offline. But for webserver agents am not able to see like what you have shown in the image. Can you please tell me how to see for those type of agents(OS: AIX). @Babar Q.

Also how can I see from "Incidents Dashboard" that when agent went to offline status.

Hello Praveena,

There are two following builtin incidents which you can activate to get the messages in the incident dashboard and also can configure for email etc..:

  • Application Process Shutdown (Orderly shutdown of Application Process/Agent).
  • Application Process Unavailable (Connection to a previously connected Application Process/Agent has been lost and agent has not been able to disconnect).

I could not understand the 'Webserver Agents' part. If you are talking about Apache Web Server, IBM HTTP Server (IHS) or Oracle HTTP Server then you can view in the same way.



PFA attachement and see how my apache websver is opening and am not able to see anything like you have shown. @Babar Q.


Hello Praveena,

Because your 'Apache Web Server' is not running.



yes that is why I want to know when that agent went offline. Is teher any way to find this. @Babar Q.

For the time being you can check the agent logs that when this agent went down and later on configure the both incidents which I shared with you, so the next time you will be informed on time to take the actions.

where to check agent logs? @Babar Q.

Open the 'System Information Dashboard' then find the agent name. Once found then click on it so in the second half of the screen you fill find the logs/download bottom.