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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

How to configure Dynatrace aaS?



I have questions regarding the Dynatrace aaS version 6.2.

The background here is we got Dynatrace aaS instead of Gomez to monitor a website performance (like from different milestones, etc.)

Now we got the Dynatrace aaS, I have checked its administration portal and noticed there were two default system profiles, one of them is UEMaaS. And 1 collector and 2 agents were set up:

In fact, I'm not quite sure if they are two agents or only one there.

I checked your online help docs but still confused what should I do next could use this new platform to monitor a website performance.

Per the document and my unstanding, I have two questions:

1. Should we add a script into our html content?

<script type="text/javascript"

Here is the format I captured, could you please let me know how to replace the content in bold?

Additionally, which place should we add this query in the website html? Is there possible to show me any sample?

2. OR should we add a new agent group within the dynatrace webstart client? Like the normal dynatrace web server agent group set up? And then add the agent script into the application?

One more thing, I have confiured the User Experience tab by following the pic guide below. But nothing changed in the SaaS page. Is this step needed? Is there anything else I should to do?

Please guide me to configure and active the platform to monitor a website. I'm looking forward your reply.

Is there any information you wanted from my side, please let me know.

Thanks in advance.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi, the configuration is basically the same as when using Dynatrace installed on premise. Check out the product documentation (look for manual injection):

Yes, you have to add the script to your html page. If you go to the following page on your SaaS instance:, you will find a sample on how to inject UEM manually. Just copy the tag which is in the source code of that page.

Hope that helps!


Hi Sonja,

thank you for your reply.

After opening my SaaS instance, I could not find a sample on how ti inject UEM manually. Would you mind to send me a brief on how to find out this sample?

And, in the documenten, it states:

  1. In your browser, navigate to the UEM Test Page (e.g:>
  2. Extract the dtagent script tag from the source of this page. Then include it in the header of your page before any other script. Make sure you specify the correct path to the location on your server.
  3. Download the agent JavaScript file and add it to your scripts on your website.)

For step 2, I'm not sure how to extract the dtagent script tag from the source of this page.

For step 3, per my understanding, I can download this agent file from webstart client through Tier add action, it that correct?

Could you please provide more detailed steps regarding this?

Thank you so much.

hello, is there any updates for this question?

thank you