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How to configure dtagent on Cassandra Server side ?

Hi All,

I am in the midst of instrumenting cassandra server using AppMOn v6.5.5 but would require a b
it more details on instrumenting Cassandra Server. I will use the extract a snapshot of 6.5 doc to state my request for more info with [chuan>>] tag.

"To trace Cassandra calls from client to server, add a new Agent Group for the Cassandra server node. Make sure that this Agent Group has the Cassandra Sensor placed. As Cassandra does a lot of threading, you may want to disable the Thread Activation Sensor to reduce the amount of data collected. However, in order to be able to see Cassandra CQL3 protocol based statement execution, the Executor Tagging sensor needs to be active.

[Chuan]>> "I read that I would require to install the dtagent to cassandra server, right ?"

Then add the AppMon Agent parameter to the JVM_OPTS in the Cassandra server configuration file and restart your nodes"

[Chuan]>> "what's the configuration string to be added to JVM_OPTS ? or should I add it in cassandra start up script ?"



DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

Hello Chaun,

The Java Agent uses the JVM Tool Interface. Configure a Java Agent by passing parameters to the Java Virtual Machine. You can pass parameters using the command line (for example java -<option> -jar <jarfile>) or more realistically you have to add it to an .ini file or the JAVA_OPTS variable in a configuration or start file, such as or a batch file.

Below are the examples of strings.

*NIX: -agentpath:<DT_HOME>/agent/lib[64]/<AgentName>,collector=<CollectorName>

Windows: -agentpath:<DT_HOME>\agent\lib[64]\dtagent.dll=name=<AgentName>,collector=<CollectorName>





-agentpath:C:\Program Files\dynaTrace\dynaTrace 6.5\agent\lib64\dtagent.dll=name=Java_mySystemProfile,collector=localhost

For the sensors configuration, please check the below link:



Hi Babar,

Thanks for the reply. I would like to confirm as I got a sample configuration from AppDynamics which I assume would be similar to Dynatrace on the Cassandra Server node on Linux. I would need to add the following line into the or /etc/init.d/cassandra as below right ?


Hello Chuan,

The <DT_HOME> you will have to change with the agent location path, the <AgentName> with your supposed to be map agent name e.g. ABC and <Collector Name> will be changed with the collector Name/IP Address:Port #

Below is an example:


Prot # 9998 is the default port but you can change if the port is not available.

You will add this into



Will do, Thanks Babar!