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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

How to configure incident rule for response time degraded with specified conditions ?



We need to configure incident rule for response time degraded with following condition :

1. Request with response time > 10 secs and

2. Count (for requests whose response time is more than 10 secs) > 20

then alert should be generated when both the conditions are satisfied as response time degraded for particular requests.

Kindly help us to solve this.


Ruchita Terse.


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

What I would do create a business transaction for this where you define a filter measure using the measure template "Web Request Response Time" with the upper severe threshold set as being 10 seconds and the pattern matching the one you are interested in. What this will do if configured correctly is create a bucket of PurePaths that all have that all contain that web request when it takes longer than the defined threshold (i.e only the long running requests will be included).

Then create an incident where the condition is set as being the PurePath Response Time of that Business Transaction you have defined with the aggregation of 'count'. You will define the upper severe threshold for this BT response time measure as being 20 (the thresholds will be displayed in ms but really you will be setting the threshold on the count if that aggregation is used and so you can disregard that).

The end result is that you will be alerting on when the count of PurePaths in that business transaction is above 20, and since only PurePaths that contain that web request taking longer than 10 seconds are included in the BT you will be alerting based on the criteria you have specified.


Hi James,

Thanks for your help. Further we wanted to know if there is any way to get an incident triggered for slowness based on the percentage instead of count.i.e the percentage of requests with response time greater than 10 secs is more than 2% of total requests then incident needs to be triggered.Kindly help us to resolve this.



Here is how you can do it, pl. see in attachment:

Hello rajesh,
may I know which version of dynatrace you are using..?
I could not see"source measure"field and "business Transaction results measure specific attributes"
where I can see these ? to merge two measures like what you did for the above query?
I am using Dynatrce 7.0