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How to connect two purepaths?


I have two purepaths from different jvms. The first purepath is ended after inserting a row into database and the second purepath starts by a thread loading the record from the database for further processing from different jvm. I would like to connect these two purepaths into one purepath.

I've read about Tagging ADK for Java. I can't understand how can I get TraceTag from first JVM inside second JVM? How AppMon ADK will understand that loading the record from the database (second purepath) is continuation of inserting a row into database (first purepath)?


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Darya,

if you have control over the source code for both processes, you can use the Java tagging ADK to retrieve the purepath tag on the first jvm, "somehow" transfer it to the second jvm and apply it there. Prerequisites:

Both jvms need to be instrumented with a normal Java agent and you need a way to uniquely identify your "transaction".

The "somehow" in your case could be an additional column for your database object where you store our tag and retrieve it on the other end. If you can't use that (e.g. aren't allowed to change the schema), you need to use "custom tagging", meaning that you can take any unique feature of your transaction / database object and use that as an id.

These concepts are explained in more detail in the documentation and there's also some videos I think. Best regards,


PS: If you don't have direct control over the source code, you might get lucky with aspect oriented programming