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How to create a measure to count unique logins?


Trying to see if I can have measures to count the overall amount of logins and also the amount of users.

Example: Username "abcd123" logged in 3 times in a week and "tester123" logs in 2 times in the week. So the measures would show that only 2 people logged in that week and there was 5 logins that week.


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

This isn't really a case that AppMon is designed to handle so there won't be a simple way to achieve this. There was an existing RFE that is marked as not being planned:

Additionally here is one post where a possible workaround involving the use of a plugin is discussed:

Any solution will require either a plugin that handles the additional logic necessary to determine unique users or streaming the data from a business transaction to another system more suited to analyzing data in that way.