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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

How to create dashboard or chart


I am trying to create a dashboard or plot a chart that will help me to show the difference of user actions or User apdex for every 1 hour in a day (for 24 hours).

Can someone help me how to create this in UEM please.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Girish V.!

There are two metrics that I think you can use to grab this information.

1. The "Action Count" measure.

2. The "Apdex of User Actions" measure.

You can place them in a separate chart, or dual axis chart, and view them in the same dashboard.

Here is one possible configuration for this example:

If you only want to view data points for every 1 hour, you can change the "Resolution" by right-clicking on the data point and selecting "1h".

Please let me know if this fulfills your needs / if you have questions!

Kind regards,
Joshua P.

Hi @Girish V.,

Yes there is a measurement for that too:

Kind regards,
Joshua P.

Thankyou Joshua. This helped.

I am wondering if it is possible to show the based out of all user actions instead of visits.

Thankyou and Got that. I am trying to create a another dashlet that would give me a view of Every day user apdex for a week. When I plotted, I got something like this. This graph has multiple timeslot taken in a day. But i donot want that. Could you please advise how I can make it happen?



Hi Girish,

If you want to see every day basis for a week you
need to set the resolution to one day. It will automatically chart to
one day difference.



Looks like I got that to certain extent. But I still could not find the actual percentage of users experiencing slowness from this graph. may Be i am not sure how to reach it. could someone help me with attached chart. or advise if I can make some modifications to meet my objective

Objective- I would like to see the percentage or actual number of users experiencing slowness (Frustrated Vs Satisfied Vs Tolerating) for each day of a week


Hi Girish V.,

I think this is what you are looking for. There is a built-in business transaction called "Visits by User Experience and Country" that has a splitting value of "User Experience Index of Visits". Use this measure in your chart to get your results for "Number of Users Who Are Frustrated/Tolerating/Satisfied".

Please let me know if this helps.

Kind regards,
Joshua P.

Hi Jousha,

I plotted that already. But I could not get the label on the graph for each apdex area. Could you please advise how I can bring the data labels when I use stacked bar chart?

Hi Girish V.,

Are you looking to add a Legend to the bottom of the chart? If so, you need to right-click on your chart or on the dashlet's name and go to "Dashlet Properties". From there, go to "Legend" and add "Dynamic Series Name" to the Legend.

Let me know if this answers your question.

Kind regards,
Joshua P.

Hi Jousha

in chart you mentioned, how to I read the y-Axis please? It is total users experience slowness at specific time?

Hi Girish V.,

The y-value can change based on the aggregation of the series.

In the example I gave with the Visit Count metric from "Visits by User Experience and Country", I used the aggregation "Count". In this case, that means that the y-axis is the raw number of times a visit was classified as Frustrated, Tolerating, or Satisfied.

If I were to choose "Average", the y-axis would be the Average Count of Frustrated, Tolerating, or Satisfied visits in the time resolution selected.

Does this make sense?

Kind regards,
Joshua P.

So, If I want to see the total Frustration percentage then I should choose the Percentage as aggregation?

My apologies. I see in your chart that you were using the Chart Type "Stacked Percentage Bar Chart". In this case, the y-axis is in Percent already. In this case, the values are "stacked" on top of each other for each time resolution interval to make a full 100%.

Example: You have 4 satisfied users, 3 tolerating users, and 3 frustrated users for one interval. That means that 40% would be green (satisfied), 30% would be yellow (tolerating), and 30% would be red (frustrated). These values would all be stacked on top of each other to make the full 100%.

Kind regards,
Joshua P.

@Girish V. Just as mentioned you don't have to select any percentage aggregation in this case.You can still use Count.

Thankyou very much Rajani. Sorry I missed your note. Would you please help me with my question please.

Do you just want to create a measure 'Visits by User Experience'(Satisfied, Frustrate, tolerating) and see the numbers on daily basis for a week?

Yes Rajani. with label on it. currently even in stacked percentage bar chart i plotted, I do not have option to set labels. If I use stacked bar chat by numbers, I see it kind of appropriate, but I could not read the graph properly as i am not sure what unit is used for y-axis.

If you have already created a measure and added to a Business Transaction as Joshua showed you then you can chart the same BT and put it on resolution of one day and stacked percentage bar chart.

For label you simply right click on Chart-->Dashlet properties-->Name (give a name here)

and once done with chart name you can right click and select Toggle Header.