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How to customize default report name


Hi Team,

I have scheduled to generate a report for every hour. The default report name taht is generated is in the format "report_2017-05-24_07-36-53" . What can I do to customize it?

If I want to generate the report for every month that consists of data of the entire month. How can I schedule it?

If I want to generate the report for every hour of a day that consists of data of that particular hour. How can I schedule it?

Both reports should be generated using same dashboard and data should be present accordingly. Is it possible?





Hello Praveena,

When you generate a report by right clicking on the dashboard and selecting Report, there is a test box that has the name that will be given to the report. You can change the name of the report by editing what is displayed in the text box.

To generate a report for a month timeframe and for a particular hour you will have to update the dashlet filters.

There is an overall dashboard timeframe that you can set to be 30 days. Once this is set you can add the dashlet for which you want the data to show for a specific timeframe. Right click on the dashlet title (e.g. PurePaths) and select "Edit Filter" here you can change the timeframe and in the drop down select custom and set it to a specific time. If you want to have it be a rolling timeframe, you can try using "Last X" to say last hour or last day from when the report is generated.

Hope that helps,

David Nicholls

Thanks David. Am also aware of changing the report name when generating the report manually. But my question is when scheduling the report to generate for every hour it is giving default name like "report_date_time". How to change this format?

Hi Praveen, I don't think there is a way to override the name of auto-generated report. Also, current naming helps to keep the file names unique so they don't overwrite.

What you can do is create a batch or shell file that will do it for you and then use generic execution plugin to schedule this.

Regards, Rajesh.