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How to disable Crash Dump Files



How to disable creating Crash Dump Files in server which is installed Dynatrace Agent.As you see below attached picture there are lots of crash dump files. My dynatrace agent version is 6.2. and also my dynatrace client version is 7.0.



I also could not find any defined incident to create crash dump file and it didnt resolve by unchecking "Create a memory Snapshot upon out-of Memory notification" option.

It should have been included by default in the incidents like "Application Process Out-of-memory". Check it. If you are not sure, just check the logs which incidents are triggering Dumps. Easy !


We have a lot of servers which are dynatrace agent enabled.If it is because of default incindent, other servers also should had this problem. But just one server is creating the crash dump files. I think it is related with the agent settings in system profile but could not find.

I think this is because of Memory Dump Action Plugin in your Incidents.

Thanks for your reply, yes we have Memory Dump Action Plugin but how can we disable it just for one agent which is problem? If any screen it will be so usefull...

It should be in your Incidents. Look up for which incident it is triggering (if you do not know open each Incident and click on Actions-->advanced options and then you should see "Memory Dump Action Plugin" in the list). Remove it from actions list.


Thanks Rajanikanth, but ı wonder that is it possible to remove for one agent? It should be a settings to do it, ı don't have to disable this action for all other agent group...


Maybe a little late, but we had this issue too once and these dumps have nothing to do with memory dumps, but are native crash dumps.

Which ideally should be resolved by finding a root cause. But you can also disable them using the debugSuppressCrashDumpNative debug flag. Setting debug flags on an agent is described here: