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How to display jdbc createStatement calls on the purepath


Hi All

We are trying to display on the purepath all createStatement() calls that have been made. To do so, we added the associated sensors but the calls are still missing.

On the purepath (see the attached screenshot), we can see that most of time is spent doing those createStatement but we haven't been able to get more details so far.

The only time we have been able to display those calls is when we disabled the JDBC sensor pack.

For this reason we thought the JDBC sensor pack contains an exclusion for this method but it's not.

(We are using DT v6.5 and monitoring a WAS with the maximo solution.)

What can we do to work this out ?



Hi Rahim, Have you tried to disable the Database Query Aggregation in JDBC Sensor Configuration?

Go to Custom System Profie, Tier Name, Sensors Configuration, JDBC, Edit, UnSelect radio box 'Query Aggregation'.

Also remove all the lower level method sensors *IMMEDIATELY*, it might cause very high impact on the application.


Hi Rajesh,

You're right we disabled the "query aggregation", now we see the expected createStatment calls.

The problem is with this aggregation disabled the overhead will be higher, isn't it ?

Hi Rahim, Overhead might not be as much as the sensors on very lower level Methods.

Once your job is done, and issue is fixed, you can again revert back to aggregation. Also aggregated view is more ready for monitoring than non aggregate view in my experience.

Disable aggregation only for trouble shooting and issue identification.

Regards, Rajesh.


Thanks a lot for your advises, that was very helpful !