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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

How to display # of available agents in a dashboard?

We are trying create a dashboard showing the counts of each agent name within an agent group.

E.g. In one of our agent groups, we have about 15 microservice mappings, each consisting of 2-4 instances.

In a web or thick client dashboard, we would have a header that says "WidgetService", and underneath, a "4" count. If we manually select any measure and split to just the 4 agents, it can give us 4 lines or 4 bars depending on the chart type, but we just need the actual #.

Has anyone seen a way to do this? This is so we can verify up/down status at-a-glance for our agents.


Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, this guide is for getting a count for the entire agent group. Would love it if we could get a count of each microservice (agent mapping), but after working on this for a while don't think it's possible.

To gain more flexibility you could write a Monitor Plugin and fetch the agents through the Agent REST interface. The patterns for the agent mappings would be available through this REST interface.

The License Count plugin does a similar job. It uses one of the XML-based legacy REST APIs. The new APIs, mentioned above, are JSON-based and should be easier to use. Nevertheless, this plugin could be a good starting point. The sources would be available here.