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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

How to display "Source URL" in results displayed for the Business Transaction

I created a BT in UEM to show the User actions Name , Response Time. I would like to add results to show Source URL of that User action.

I tried by making a copy of Built in Measure, URL by User Action and enabled the Source URL for the measure. But in results of the BT, I see Source URL Count (Number) is shown instead of source URL. Not sure what is the mistake I am making.

Can someone help me how I can achieve this? Appreciate the fastest response.



Hello Girish

You must add this metric to Spliting section of BT

You mean to say I need to add the Measure - URL by User Action in Spliting section instead of "calculate results" ?

Yes I would look at trying that as it will signal to create a new row for each url

okey I will try it. I thought new row will be added if the measure is part of Calculate results of a BT.

Hi Andrey, Kyle

If I want to have both target and source URL, in two different columns, may I know how to achieve this?

Right now, I am getting both in one column under splittings when I add this measure under splitting section

If you want to look Source and Target URL than use User Action Dashlet

You can also use your BT like filter for this dashlet.

This will allow you to remove unnecessary data on the dashboard.

Second way - you can try to add to two spliting measeres on your BT.

first will be for surse URL, second for Target